I'm not sure why this post appeared in my email inbox. Must be some bug from the recent server work substack did as I read some of your other posts, and they're quite boring although replete with the word "conspiracy" usually with a negative connotation.

Are you related to that Irish dancer who used to be fairly popular or just another bullshitting Irishman? You write well but the intellectual heft is a bit lacking. The lack of depth on the PROMIS scandal you tried to cover is telling.

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Oct 9, 2022·edited Oct 9, 2022

Shit. You've discovered the conspiracy to flood your inbox with Spam. If only there was a way to unsubscribe to newsletters!

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I keep an open mind about people so I decided to listen to your podcast on Danny Castelano, and your one about the secret space program.

Your podcast about Castelano is okay, but very limited in scope of knowledge on the subject, athough fairly well produced, and the one about the secret space program is amateur hour, with two grown men of reasonable intelligence saying "like" often as if they were two high school girls.

You'd do well to listen to a much better researcher than you who has covered both subjects. Dark Journalist doesn't say "like" as if he were a pubescent high school girl, and connects dots in the NASA fascist goon squad Werner Von Braun set up there that Jim Garrison ran up against in his investigation of who killed JFK. He also acknowledges that wacky conspiracy theorist Gary McKinnon who hacked the feral federal government IT system in 2002 only to uncover all sorts of secret space information. Gary is such a tin foil hat wearer, of the kind you routinely disparage, in between saying "like," that the feral feds, especially under closeted faggot, CIA stooge Obama's reign of terror, have tried to extradite him to the U.S. for prosecution.

Do a podcast on the conspiracy theory on the U.S. Armed Services, and the NIAID laundering tens of, if not over a hundred, billion(s) of dollars through Pfizer, Moderna, and J & J to unleash a eugenics bioweapon on humanity, and murder people using the CARES Act to fund genocide. I'll get the wife of my late friend Tony, in exceptional health before he took the J &J eugenics shot, was admitted to a hospital and sedated, and ventilated to death, with is the protocol paid for by the CARES Act, to talk about her experience with the kill shot. My mother can discuss how the kill shot permanently damaged her exceptional hearing, and another friend, a woman in her 40's, can talk about her cardiac troubles from the kill shot. If you want to use video they can all wear tin foil hats and say "like" while pretending they're pubescent high school girls again.

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I never subscribed to your rather shallow musings, although I did learn Shatner shadobee, shadobee is Canadian, so thanks for that. No wonder he was depressed in space. Being a living parody must be tough when his dream was likely to be a great actor not a one hit series wonder. He's a bit like that guy on Leave it to Beaver. Can you do a jig like your distant relative Michael?

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